ISO 9001 Verification

The Quality Assurance Department offers ISO 9001 series certification services for the international standard for quality management systems.
The Quality Assurance Department of CR officially became a qualified ISO 9001 series certification body certified by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) on January 16, 2002. From this date, the Quality Assurance Department is committed to providing industry-related ISO 9001 certification services.

TAF has obtained mutual recognition agreements for two major quality management systems, APAC (Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation) and IAF (International Accreditation Forum), and has become a member of these organizations. In other words, CR is recognized as a certification body by international quality management organizations, including (1) TAF, (2) IAF, and (3) APAC.

 We welcome inquiries and applications for ISO certification from industries such as shipyards, shipbuilding satellite companies, and shipping companies.


項次 名稱 發行日期
01. 國際標準品質管理系統(ISO 9001)稽核申請書(AR-01) 103-12-12
02. 客戶基本資料及問卷(AR-02) 107-03-01
03. ISO 9001文件審查報告(AR-03)  105-12-01
04. 初次驗證 / 追查 / 重新驗證 / 特別 稽核計劃(AR-04) 109-07-27
05. ISO 9001現場觀察報告(AR-05) 103-05-02
06. ISO 9001不符合事項報告(AR-06) 108-03-11
07. 品質管理驗證合約書(AR-10) 98-08-05
項次 名稱 發行日期
01. 品質管理驗證稽核及授證規範(Q-L01) 105-08-03
02. ISO 9001驗證服務之權利與義務聲明書(Q-L03) 105-08-03
03. ISO 9001品質管理驗證申請須知(Q-L07) 103-05-02
04. 品質管理驗證作業說明書(Q-L08) 103-05-02
05. 品質管理系統稽核人天數(Q-L09) 105-08-03
06. 管制認證標誌及驗證標誌之使用及展示方式程序書(Q-P41) 110-01-12

Appeals / Complaints / Disputes:
The Quality Assurance Department is dedicated to providing service excellence. If any companies, previously certified companies, or any third party has concerns or complaints about the results of our certification process or related actions, they may submit appeals/complaints/disputes to the Quality Assurance Department.


項次 名稱 發行日期
01. 客戶申訴、抱怨或爭議之處理程序書(Q-P44) 105-08-03
02. 客戶申訴、抱怨或爭議處理單(ISO-BR02) 98-08-05

Companies that have achieved and maintained ISO 9001 certification through the Quality Assurance Department include the following:

Run Cheng Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (Keelung City)
CPC Corporation, Taiwan (Taipei City)
Naval Shipbuilding Development Center
Tai Sen Electricity Co,. Ltd. (Keelung City)

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