ISMS Policies

CR Classification Society has formulated this policy to strengthen its information security management, safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, provide an environment conducive to the continuity of information services of this Society, ensure compliance with the relevant legal requirements, and protect this Society from internal and external threats of an intentional or accidental nature.

  1. Strengthening of employee competence
  2. Prevention of data leakage
  3. Implementation of daily maintenance
  4. Guarantee of service availability

The following information security objectives have been formulated in accordance with this information security policy:

  1. Organization of information security training for employees to raise their awareness of information security-related issues and reinforce the understanding of relevant responsibilities
  2. Protection of information pertaining to operating activities to prevent unauthorized storage, retrieval or editing and maintain its accuracy and integrity
  3. Carrying out of regular internal and external audits to ensure concrete implementation of the relevant operations
  4. Guarantee of system availability to maintain a clearly defined standard of core operations