UN Mark Certification for Packaging of Dangerous Goods

This Society has been entrusted by the MOTC to conduct the UN Mark Certification for all Packaging and intermediate Bulk Containers(IBCs) of Dangerous Goods.

1. Applied regulation
    International Maritime Dangerous Goods(IMDG) Code

2. Dangerous goods Packing groups
    Packing groups I, II and III

3. Packaging
    (1) Definition:
    The total weight of the packaging does not exceed 400 kg and the volume does not exceed 450 liters

    (2) Kinds of packaging:
    1. 圓桶(Drum)     2. [保留]    3. 罐(Jerrican)    4. 箱(Box)    5. 袋(Bag)    6. 複合容器(Composite packaging)

    (3) Types of material:
    A.鋼    B. 鋁    C. 木材    D. 合板    F. 木芯板    G. 纖維板    H. 塑膠    L. 織物    M. 多層紙    N. 非鋼鋁金屬    P. 玻璃、陶瓷或石器

     (4) Performance Test:
    Drop test, Leakproofness test, hydraulic test and stacking test, etc.

4. Intermediate bulk containers(IBCs)
     (1) Definition:
    Rigid or flexible portable packagings, other than specified in item 3 above, that have a capacity of not more than 3.0 m3 (not more than 1.5 m3 for solids of packing group I when packed in flexible, rigid plastics, composite, fibreboard or wooden IBCs)

     (2) Kinds of packaging:
    They are divided into rigid and flexible. For rigid, solids, filled or discharged by gravity, the code is 11; For rigid, solids, filled or discharged under pressure of more than 10kPa(0.1bar), the code is 21; For rigid, liquids, filled or discharged, the code is 31. For flexible, solids, filled or discharged by gravity. The code is 13.

     (3) Types of material:
     A.鋼    B. 鋁    C. 木材    D. 合板    F. 木芯板    G. 纖維板    H. 塑膠    L. 織物    M. 多層紙    N. 非鋼鋁金屬    HZ. 具塑膠內容器之複合容器

     (4) Performance Test:
    Bottom lift test, Top lift test, Stacking test, Leakproofness test, Hydraulic test, Drop test, Tear test, Topple test, Righting test, etc.

5. For approval of Dangerous Goods packaging, please contact the Technical Department of this Society.
    For details, please see the inspection specifications for packaging of dangerous goods as follows:
     1. Plastics material         2. Fibreboard         3. Bags         4. steel(Aluminums) material         5. Fibre drums         6. Plywood, wood

         Instruction for anti-counterfeit label

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