Summary of PSC detention items (code 30)

Type Flag Date Place Deficiencies
CONTAINER CARRIER R.O.C. 2017-11-09 Hong Kong
1.No.2 cargo hold hatch cover found crack 1 foot and 4 holes.
2.No.5 cargo hold hatch cover forward and No.3 cargo hold hatch cover aft found damaged and could not be close weather tight (including edges, position guides)
3.No.1 and No.2 stern navigation light burst.
BULK CARRIER Panamanian 2017-10-23 Tianjin
1.During em'cy generator running em'cy switchboard failed to supply electricity power to main switchboard.
2.When em'cy fire p/p running test it failed to establish delivery pressure.
3.Electrician not familiar with operation of E/G simulation of ship blackout.
GENERAL DRY CARGO SHIP R.O.C. 2017-09-25 Hong Kong 1.Navigation light of foremast No.2 and stern No.1 unlit. Starboard side light not secure properly. Port side light electric cable waterproof packing broken.
2.Port and starboard lifeboat lashing wire securing hooks on davit arms deformed and cracked in way of hook shafts. Port and starboard lifeboat hook release handles modified by welding doubler pads at the end of handles where touch with hydrostatic safety lock.
3.Randomly checked 4 sets of EEBD at E/R, hood mask blanked by sewing piece of cloth rendering not emergency readiness.
CARGO SHIP Panamanian 2017-08-11 Qingdao 1.The BA chart 1506 for Qingdao port not provided on board.
2.The rudder wheel of rescue boat broken and dropped.
3.Half of insulation materials for deck between CO2 room and E/R missing.
BULK CARRIER Panamanian 2017-08-08 Zhangjiagang 1.Side rope for embarkation on starboard side - Broken.
2.All of CO2 pipes for No.1-No.4 cargo hold seriously deteriorated and holed (Exemption certificated for cargohold CO2 system not provided)
BULK CARRIER R.O.C. 2017-08-07 Gladstone, Australia 1.Seafarers onboard the some ship, repeatedly not in possersion of valid SEA.
2.Seafarers repeatedly not paid wages in full at monthly intervals in accordance with SEA.
BULK CARRIER Panamanian 2017-07-19 Taichung
1.O.W.S. abnormal. -O.C.M. malfunction; Auto stop device not working.