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According to the development stage of the wind farm, service that the CR can provide includes three categories:
A. Technical Due Diligence
Assist client to identify potential risks and improvement measures, according to requirement of developer and financing bank.
Our experience including but not limited to the following:
KPMG International Cooperative WPD Chunghwa Telecom (CHT)
• Offshore wind farm due diligence (2020)
• Onshore technical due diligence (2018)
• Offshore technical due diligence (2018)
• Onshore technical due diligence (2018)
B. Project Certification
According to IEC 61400-22 and CNS 15176-22, to make sure safety of the full life cycle of wind farm including design, manufacture, O&M.
Clients who intend to apply for the project certification service, please refer to the following documents and submit an application to the Renewable Energy Department.
Our experience including but not limited to the following:
Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection(BSMI) SingDa Marine Structure Ørsted

Project Certification for “Formosa 1” (2019)
Manufacturing surveillance for transition piece (2019)
Offshore OSS verification (2018)
Century Wind Power Taiwan Power Company (TPC) Taiwan Generation Corp. (TGC)

Support structure manuf. surveillance (2018)
Met mast T&I surveillance (2015)
Perform Project Certification (2018)
SingDa Marine Structure
“Tai-power phase I offshore wind farm” manufacturing surveillance for support structure (2019)
Met mast inspection (2014)
Met mast T&I surveillance (2015)
C. Marine Warranty Survey
Proposed to reduce operational risk and maintain safety at sea, assist insurance to check that all operations meet the related industrial standards.
Our experience including but not limited to the following:
TIPC Marine Corporation, Ltd. CSBS Corporation Taiwan Hai-Long Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Offshore towing technical service (2020)
Vessel Independent inspection (2020)
Transportation procedure review for offshore wind farm (2020)
Vessel Independent inspection (2020)
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) TGC & TPC Northland Power (NPI)

Vessel fitness inspection (2018)
Vessel Independent inspection (2018)
Drilling vessel inspection (2018)
Guard vessel inspection (2018)
Vessel Independent inspection (2019)
HSE training (2019)
Vessel Independent inspection (2020)
Met mast T&I surveillance (2015)
Vessel fitness inspection (2019)
CR and LOC service experience with foreign companies
• CMID survey in South Korea (2018)
• OSS loading surveillance in Singapore (2018)
• Foundation loading surveillance in Singapore (2018)
• Cable loading surveillance in Malaysia (2018)
• Subsea cable laying supervision (2019)
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For further information, please contact our Renewable Energy Department
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