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That “the ISPS Code will come into force” has become a hot topic of the shipping industry recently. Are you all set?

So far, we have obtained authorization from many governments as a Recognized Security Organization, and can conduct ISPS verifications on their behalf.

Following the September 11, 2001 incident, the International Maritime Organization adopted the ISPS Code in December 2002 in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks and sabotages. The purpose of this Code is to enhance the international ship and port facility security, and safeguard the international peace and security of the maritime industry. Such pressure has forced all governments of the world, shipping companies, port authorities, and classification societies to make every effort to meet the requirements of this Code.

In addition to SSC (Ship Security Certificate) verifications, we will offer a series of CSO SSO training courses to facilitate your preparatory work concerning ISPS verifications. If you have any inquiries about ISPS, please contact our Quality Assurance Department.