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This society provides services for works and product approval relating to ships. The approval items are divided into the following 15 categories:

A. Metal: including rolled steel for hull, rolled steel for boilers etc., steel castings, iron castings, steel forgings, stainless steels, non-ferrous materials, bi-metal materials, etc.

B. Non-metal materials: including resin, FRP, paint, chockfast, etc.

C. Hull fitting & equipment: including anchors & chains, wire ropes, Manila ropes & synthetical fiber ropes, side scuttles, emergency towing arrangement, etc.

D. Pipes, tubes and pipe fittings: including steel pipes and tubes, steel pipe fittings, expansion joint, valves, flexible hoses, FRP pipes, non-ferrous pipes, ect.

E. Welding materials:

F. Machinery: including steam & gas turbines, diesel engines, deck machinery & essential auxiliaries, gearing & couplings, shaftings, bearings, propellers, parts for machinery, heaters & heat exchangers, incinerators, repair & reconditioning process, pumps & air compressors, EIAPP(Engine Air Pollution Prevention), etc.

G. Electrical installation: including generators, motors, switch boards & mounting equipment, batteries, transformers, cables, motor controllers, lighting accessories & photoluminescent, apparatus for explosive gas atmosphere, navigation lights, impress current protection system, etc.

H. Automation & remote control device: including M/E maneuvering system, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, float switch, oil mist detectors, loading computers, rudder angle indicators, propeller revolution indicators, alarm and monitoring system, etc.

I. Fire protection: including fire retarding panels, fire retarding doors, non-combustible materials, low flame spread materials, fire retarding deck covering, venting devices for tanker, sealing compound, fire detecting system, automatic fire damper, apparatus for non-combustion test, fire stop of cables, fire fighting system, etc.

J. Lifesaving: including life boats/rescue boats, boat winches, boat davits, boat engines, inflatable liferafts, life saving equipment, etc.

K. Marine pollution preventing: including oil water separators, oily water discharge monitors, sewage treatment plants, oil water interface detectors, etc,

L. Cargo gears, container & lashings: including cargo gears & crane, container lashings, freight container, etc.

M. Approval of works: including FRP shipyards, in-water survey firms, gauging firms, safety radio inspection firms, testing works, liferaft service station, etc.

N. UN IMDG packagings: including IMDG packagings works, small packagings, intermediate bulk containers, etc.

As to requests for type approval, please contact our Technical Department.